30 years and counting at Precious Stones Jewellers

21 Jun 2018

Precious Stones Jewellers has been a tenant of the Myer Centre since it opened 30 years ago during Expo in April 1988. Rose Dubeau, a former antique dealer, joined the Wachtel family in 1995 and soon became a partner and the sole face of the business. Under Rose's directorship the shop diversified its stock which now has an interesting range of antique jewellery, modern and vintage diamonds, pearls, unusual silver, handmade heirloom jewellery, and has become known for a very large range of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Navine (known fondly in the family as 'Blondie') has been involved in the business since her youth and all these years later is still influencing the buying trend with her personal tastes. Being a gemologist, Blondie is always on the lookout for rare and unusual gemstones for her bespoke pieces and clients. One such customer had been collecting gemstones to be designed into investment pieces for her children and grandchildren. Her precious stones were so diverse in colour, size and shape that she met with the experts at Precious Stones Jewellers, so they could individually design pieces to suit each stone including necklaces, pendants and earring sets.

It is this bespoke service which really elevates the Precious Stones offering. Whilst many chain jewellers stock machine made jewellery, produced in bulk to be sold across multiple stores, Precious Stones Jewellers has a goldsmith in store to hand craft beautiful heirloom jewellery. As soon as you enter the compact but charming store, you'll be reminded of the romantic notion of 'The Family Jeweller'. In fact, Precious Stones Jewellers has quite a number of third generation customers. Only a short time ago, grandparents accompanied their children, granddaughter and future grandson-in-law, to have their engagement and wedding ring set re-configured for their impending nuptials. It was a true family affair.

These days, in light of 'Fashion Revolution', we are increasingly searching for the story in our products, and jewellery is no different. Every piece of jewellery at Precious Stones Jewellers carries a handwritten card with its background or story, from fascinating historical mourning jewellery to intricate antique brooches, to vintage purses. Perhaps the most intriguing of these is a piece of English jewellery dating back to 1783.

Precious Stones is a treasure trove of exciting pieces, appealing to yet another generation of shoppers, and the team are still passionate about sharing their latest finds 30 years on. Precious Stones Jewellers will delight you with the perfect piece of jewellery for every occasion. P.S. While you're in store, be sure to take a look at the gorgeous cash register from 1914.