Look up... with Astro Anarchy

15 Jun 2018

Astro Anarchy is every child's (and many adults) dream come true. Whether it's a love for Star Wars or Star Trek, a fascination with the extra-terrestrial or just an obsession with outer space, Astro Anarchy has the knowledge and equipment to satiate your desire to know more about our incredible universe.

Just last year, Astro Anarchy opened their showroom on Level 2 with an impressive array of telescopes, for novices through to the most experienced astronomer. The showroom is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and owner Petar Teodorovic and his team will happily help you find the right scope.

As a young boy, Petar and his mum would take evening walks to the end of the street, and every night that the moon would rise, Petar would inquisitively question his mother about it. Following a steady diet of science fiction and looking to the skies, Petar found his niche in providing Australian astronomers with more affordable astronomy equipment and good, trustworthy advice.

The store not only stocks incredibly powerful telescopes for serious astronomers and astro photographers, but also scopes to suit parents and their children just starting on their astronomical adventure. The most important thing for the team at Astro Anarchy, and what sets them apart from the competition, is that they really listen to your expectations, to find the scope that's right for you.

What is most exciting, according to Petar, is that anyone can see the stars and planets from their own home, even from their inner city suburban home. You just need to be able to see the sky! What really makes the team at Astro Anarchy's day though, is that when a customer looks through the telescope for the first time, it always exceeds their expectations. The images seen are so colourful and crisp that it's a common occurrence for customers to think there is a high-resolution photograph taped over the lens. Talk about clarity.


Astro Anarchy also stocks a range of binoculars and spotting scopes for bird watchers, sporting enthusiasts, hikers, and even microscopes.

If you're ready for some hard-core astronomy, then you had better get yourself a scope by 27 July. Why? Mars will be at its closest to Earth (only 57.8 million kilometres away, ha!). Furthermore, at sunset on that day, because Earth is going past Mars, you will also be able to see Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and maybe even Pluto. This is followed by a beautiful Lunar Eclipse on the morning of 28 July (at about 5.30am). If you're interested in finding out more about Astro Anarchy, and want to see space for yourself, get along to one of Brisbane Marketing's regular sky viewings on the Queen Street Mall. Punters are welcome to ask the team questions and take a peek through a telescope themselves. But be warned, one glance into space and you'll be hooked.

Here are six top spots to stargaze around Brisbane:

  • Mount Coot-tha Lookout
  • Mount Gravatt Lookout
  • Redcliffe Jetty
  • Lake Moogerah (Moogerah is approximately 22kms from Boonah, a one-hour 20-minute drive from Brisbane CBD)
  • Eastern Moreton Island and Stradbroke Island
  • Your own home/backyard

Astro Anarchy is open seven days a week on Level 2. For opening hours click here.