If the shoe fits (buy them all at Ziera Shoes)

28 Jun 2018

If you're looking for shoes to fit your style (that also won't have you hobbling at the end of a long work day), consider Ziera Shoes in the Myer Centre your new BFF. A privately owned New Zealand based company, Ziera Shoes first opened its Myer Centre store 11 years ago and has been saving women's feet across Brisbane ever since.

With Ziera, you can be confident you are buying quality and wearability without compromising on style - which is what shoes are all about, right? From versatile boots to classic heels and brogues to sneakers, you can be sure you're putting your best foot forward in the styles you love.

Once you find the perfect fit at Ziera Shoes, you can then choose a variety of styles with the same fit to diversify your wardrobe. Try different heel heights, colours and styles in the one fit that's right for your feet. So smart!

Ziera Shoes design their own shoes and implement their own quality control measures to ensure every shoe is 'crafted for comfort'. Whether you're an active mum running chores all day, a style-savvy CBD worker, or a flight attendant who dreams of wearing slippers all day every day, the friendly and professional Ziera Shoes team at the Myer Centre, managed by Ellie, can find a shoe that fits. Plus, Ellie says that while black is a safe option in footwear, plum, taupe and tan are trending this season and are just as versatile. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Not only does Ziera Shoes stock gorgeously crafted and oh-so-comfy work shoes, they're also the perfect place to shop for travel or urban weekend footwear. If you're off on an overseas adventure or planning an interstate weekend away, the range of athleisure shoes are not only ridiculously light (great for packing), they're also so versatile and trendy they can take you from day walking to night time drinks.

Ziera Shoes has their finger on the pulse when it comes to what's in vogue. The team is always on trend watch showing how their shoes can work trans-seasonally which means you get more bang for your buck per pair. Check out their seasonal trend watch to see how you can work your pair of Ziera Shoes back with your wardrobe or the season's hottest trends.