Japanese Film Festival

Welcome to the 21st Japanese Film Festival in Australia!

The JFF brings the best Japanese cinema of 2017 to audiences around Australia. This year’s program shares a spectrum of emotions and human experiences and boldly delves into new territory for Japanese cinema. Sensitive portrayals of modern families and stories of diversity, acceptance, and resilience sit alongside old favourites of action, mystery, and comedy.
For anime-lovers and families, ANCIEN AND THE MAGIC TABLET shares an adventure through fantasy and reality, while crime and mystery fans will enjoy MEMOIRS OF A MURDERER. 

Our comedy selection will have you in stitches with quirky tales of misfortune and serendipity such as MY UNCLE. If you're in the mood for sophisticated drama, you can choose from a range of critically-acclaimed titles like HER LOVE BOILS BATHWATER.
Don't forget MUMON: THE LAND OF STEALTH for a ninja action extravaganza! Or for something more melancholic - THE TOKYO NIGHT SKY IS THE DENSEST SHADE OF BLUE.

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