LUSH Christmas

31 Oct 2018

This year, we’re lifting the lid on what makes a LUSH Christmas: happy people making happy products. If you think handmade means woolly jumpers, craft fairs and Etsy, think again. Every day, millions of LUSH
products are pressed, shaped and perfected by the skilled hands of our compounders and sent freshly to customers all over the country. Handmade isn’t a novelty confined to the past; it’s at the heart of what LUSH does.

Handmade means products with personality. You can thank handmade for the different expressions on your festive favourites like Santa Bomb Bomb - each one individual not identical. No matter
how many times you follow the same recipe, every batch will be just that tiny bit different.

Handmade also means LUSH are faster, fresher and more flexible. They can adapt to what their customers need. They can make products that machines can’t and they can ensure that every

product is given the time and care it needs to be the best for their customers.

What better time than Christmas to celebrate the people making, shaping, packing and wrapping gifts to go under your tree this year?

 All hail #FeelGoodGiving.