LUSH Christmas

01 Oct 2019

Christmas time has begun at LUSH with their new Christmas range in-store now!

Check out some of our favourites below!

Snowman Dreaming- Bath bomb
Day after winter’s day a little snowman would dream. But not of the Atlantic or of endless ice creams. This little snowman would dream about a long hot bath and leaving rainbow colours and bubbles in his path. All his snowmen friends told him that he would melt away. To the poor little snowman’s disquiet and dismay. But one Christmas day the little snowman’s dream came true. Now this snowman dances around the bath just for you. Full of Chinese cedarwood and lavender oil, this colourful snowman bath bomb will fill the bathroom with a dreamy fragrance - Perfect to help little tots, and big ones, to the land of nod!

Snow Fairy- Glitterball 
Each year, after a period of hibernation, the Snow Fairy emerges. Unfurling delicate silver wings, they shimmer with the excitement of a new festive season, bringing with them the magic of Christmas. With rosy pink cheeks and bright eyes, they arrive dressed in their newest gown fit for a yuletide ball. Adorned with a duo of glistening snowflakes, they will drift around in your bath water, releasing swathes of rippling lustre into bubblegum pink waters as they dance their fairytale waltz.

Candy Cane- Reusable bubble bar 
What’s white and red all over?
What’s red and white and can be used over and over? A decoration for the tree or a cheeky stocking filler, the possibilities are endless when you take a trip down candy lane. Hang out with this double stripe of bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils to lift the mood and create a fruity fresh fragrance that will have you bathing time and time again. Hold under running water to froth up mounds of fluffy bubbles before placing on the side to dry, ready for your next trip to candyland.

Head in-store now to shop the new LUSH Christmas collection in The Myer Centre on the Queen Street Mall.